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Hello, my loves! Welcome back to a new episode of The Next Level Social podcast. And in full transparency, I am so freaking shook right now! I have been sitting here at my computer for the last hour, filled with many emotions, and gratitude is at the forefront.

Of course, you clicked on this episode, saw the title, and know we will chat about some results I achieved.

If you’re ready to hear the lessons I learned during my first 43K month, tune in to The Next Level Social Podcast! 

Money Talk

And I know many of us who are listening right now have been raised not to talk about money. To ask about salaries is rude, and it’s bragging if we’re sharing. And while I can understand and respect that, in my line of work, this narrative around money and our money mindset needs to change.

I wish my thoughts on money had changed ten years ago. I know that I probably would be farther along in my business and the revenue level that my business was generating if I had started to make those shifts a long time ago.

Because when we shift our mindset around money, specifically the levels we can earn, it’s freaking huge, you guys. It’s an absolute game-changer. The fact that in this month alone, my business generated the amount that I used to make in an entire year is mind-blowing. And again, I’m still in a little bit of shock. And we’re gonna talk about it. Like it’s unreal. And this is how I want you all to start thinking that yes, it is enormous, but it’s possible. 

And I’m here to say, listen, y’all, I did it this month, and you can do it too.

What Changed

I wanna talk about what changed this month. The main thing was I started to feel grateful for the first time in a long time. And I know I talk about gratitude and abundance all the time, but this month I started from a place of lack and made the mental adjustments to switch my perspective. 

And so, if you’ve been following me and listening to the podcast, you know that I speak a lot about my current monthly minimum, which has been between 20,000 and 30,000 a month for the last year. If you had told me a year ago that this was how my business was running and what I was earning each month, I would have told you to go scratch, haha.

However, since aligning myself with powerful mentorship groups alongside my coach, this $20,000 monthly minimum seemed to come up short. Again, it’s ridiculous even saying this out loud, so I hope you are still with me, but it’s true, and I want to keep it accurate and be transparent with y’all.

And you know, this is the thing, for at least the last six months, I thought I wasn’t good enough.

I saw my mentor and the other women in the mastermind growing and hitting $20,000 weeks, $20,000 days, and $100,000 months. And again, amazing. And it’s never coming from a place of jealousy, but it made me approach the way I was running my business from lack. I think I was suppressing it and letting it eat me up on the inside more than I even realized.

So that was something that shifted for me this month. I went into November just being like, let it go, show up, and come from a place of contentment with every aspect of my business.

Instead of wanting and longing for more, I decided to stop and be so proud and happy with where I was at in that moment and where I am now, knowing that every single thing I have done up until this point is leading to more.

Practicing Gratitude

But until then, holy freaking shit, I am going to be proud of where I am now. I started practicing gratitude every day by writing in my journal, meditating on my words and sinking into it by remembering where I was a year and a half ago. And the second I did this, it became massive part of how fully came into my power this month.

Okay? So that was big for me. It’s like, yes; somebody will always be ten steps ahead of you. There’s always gonna be somebody better, more prominent, prettier, brighter, and, you know, more successful. But everyone’s fighting battles you have no idea about, and where you’re at now is leaps and bounds from where you were at one point. So be dang grateful for it. And I’m telling you, the second you feel it and lean into it with everything in your bones, your business shifts.

Offers in Alignment with Me

So the second thing I did was created an offer in complete alignment with me. This was so huge and something I want you all to consider immediately. I created it from a place of pure flowiness and pure fun. Sometimes I create offers with a bit more tactics, but this month, I was like, “I’m gonna lean in, listen to what my community wants from me, and create something that genuinely feels good.”

So I launched a couple of different offers when I felt called. One was more off the cuff, and it was called Rise. It was a four-week one-on-one intensive. I had so much fun with this offer, and I got some dreamy new clients with it, and it’s been so fun to execute. The second offer was a little bit more complex, a little bit more planned out, but equally as fun. I leaned into what felt good to create. And so this is something that I want you to start thinking about and implementing.

When you start creating things your audience wants from you should feel butterflies. Your heart should kind of race a little bit. You are excited to go create content around an asset, and the copy flows off of you. This is what it should feel like when you’re launching and creating something from a place of flowiness. 

When you sit down at your computer, you’re like, okay, I need to launch something. Uh, what should I launch? The name’s not coming to you, the transformation isn’t coming from you, and you don’t know who the ideal target is, and you’re struggling with the copy. I’m gonna tell you to stop, close your laptop, go do something else, come back later, and maybe it’ll come to you, maybe it won’t. And I understand that not everyone can launch when they want. But the second we can lean into creating offers that are in complete alignment with us is that they will perform better because you will be excited to talk about them, share them, show them and promote them, and your audience can feel it. 

Playing Big, Not Small

The third piece is I got outta my way, and stopped playing small. I know I talked about this a little bit at the beginning of the episode, but for these last few months, I was pretty comfortable. Although I was not precisely fulfilled in terms of like, I was comfortable, and I have been playing it safe. You know, I have my one-on-one private clients, and of course, I have my mastermind, and I know these offers. I know my exact avatar for these offers. I know the content around these offers, and it’s safe this is my safe place, and this feels good to me. 

So this month, I decided to stop playing safe. I showed up way more, created way more, and I put myself out there. I hosted a free live masterclass for the first time in over six months alongside my sister-in-law. And we freaking taught over 500 people that registered for the event and either watched it live or in the replay, and it was scary as hell. 

I hadn’t done this in such a long time because why? Because I was playing it safe. And hosting masterclasses and training and promoting yourself is not safe. So it was scary as hell. I was nervous; I was uncomfortable. I felt everything I haven’t felt in a long time, probably since launching my business.

And it was because I was uncomfortable. And it was because I was pushing past my limits and my comfort zone. So if you want to see some big results this year, this month, I’m gonna say stop playing safe. Show up, create content, and put yourself out there. Get uncomfortable and keep showing up because that, my friends, is always when we will see the most momentum, when it’s scary, and feels nerve-wracking. You know, I always say, if you’re not nervous, you’re not ready, cuz it’s true. If you’re not nervous, you don’t care. 

Do Something That Scares You

So my ask of you is, as we close to the end this year, do something that scares you a little bit. Do something that you’re like, Ooh, I wanna do this. But, you know, it’s a little scary; it doesn’t feel comfortable. I’m gonna say push past that comfort because when you get to the other side, I’m proof in the pudding. Our launch was wildly successful.

But I know it was because both my sister-in-law and I had never done anything like this before. This was her first time creating a course, hosting a masterclass, or doing anything like this. And I know that it was wildly out of her comfort zone, and it was outta my comfort zone because I hadn’t done it in a while too. I know these results happened because we pushed past our comfort zone.



So shift number four was the significance I placed on branding. And this can be such a game-changer. And if you are in my sphere, you know I love branding, photo shoots, fonts, colours, templates and strong video content. I love a good brand. It’s who I am. It’s what I do, and it’s what I teach. But this month, in particular, I will say that I wanted to take it up a notch.

Just like everything, right? Just like my energy, my comfort zone, and my offers. So I got more creative with my branding and a little more gritty than ever before. I created an offer called Rise, a four-week one-on-one intensive. And I added a ton of video content that reminded me of rising to new levels. Whenever I launch something, I always like to have a theme around it. And so Rise was themed around rising into the most powerful version of you as an entrepreneur. I got really visual with it and used buildings and sky rises in New York with black and white and edgy colours. 

I visually put together how I wanted this offer to feel and why I wanted it to feel that way. And I placed emphasis on making it stand out. I added a ton of sophisticated imagery of myself. I added a lot of videos. And I’m proud of how I executed it. And the feedback that I received in my DM’s and my comments, particularly about the branding itself, was, you know, something to take notice of. It was different. It was like, Ayla, this launch, this branding is unreal. Like, who created this? This is out of this world. This is a new level. This was what my community was telling me and it helped put me in a position of levelling up.


And this goes the same with launching Attraction, the content creator course I partnered on with my sister-in-law that we also launched this month. We had an entire theme, Gossip Girl, which was super fun. And we did a separate photo shoot with it. We got super creative by dressing up, using Gossip Girl audio, and keeping the pallet black and white. The idea was to create polished and sophisticated branding. We wanted to attract our ideal client through content because that’s exactly what this course was promising them. So we knew we had to execute it in a really thought-out and beautifully executed way.

We also had an entire photo shoot dedicated to this launch months ago because we knew this was coming, and it was essential to put in our best effort. So we spent a lot of time creating the assets that felt freaking fun. This is what we love to do, but we made sure it was fun. And then number two stood out. And I’m not saying that everyone needs to have high-end branding to break record revenue records in their business.

I’m just saying this played a part in the overall success of my launches this month and helped my content stand out from the crowd. Plus, it was honestly fun af, and it is something that lights me up. 


Now number five that I really wanna talk about is community. Community y’all is everything. And leaning into value first will always stand the test of time when you are an online business owner. Building, growing, and nurturing my community has always been and always will be at the forefront of my business and what I do.

And I know that because I have poured into my community, whether it be on this podcast, social media content, or newsletters, I have built something bigger than I think I even realize. And this month really proved the reality of that. It was more prevalent this month than ever before. And it was because of you guys, because of this incredible community that I was able to have the confidence to show up and to create offers and to launch them and sell them and know that they were gonna be received well. This is also why I talk and preach all the time that building up your warm network is so, so, so, so huge.

And especially if you wanna start launching, you have to create that trust. How do you do that? You start showing up for them, get super specific on who you’re talking to, and then start creating value for them. You help them; you teach them, you nurture them. 

And I know that if it wasn’t for them, the loyal, amazing beauties that I have in my network, the next level of revenue in my business wouldn’t have been possible. So the community is everything. Every conversation that you’re having, and comment that you’re answering, you should nurture, respect, and appreciate them. You need to show gratitude, and show up for them because it’s in that, eventually, you will be able to create something that is going to impact them in a way that they desire.

So start building your community. Even if you are brand new to online business, if you can start with creating content for one person and start building a community, that would be the most I would ask you to do.

And put a lot of your effort into a community because this will be the absolute game changer, the defining moment for when it is time for you to create something in a launch. 

Staying Consistent

And with that being said, the next tip I have, which goes hand in hand, is staying consistent. I’ll never stop talking about consistency. And we all know this one to be true because we hear it all the time. And it doesn’t matter what you want to do in your business or life. If you want to see change and results, the only way you’re gonna be able to do that is if you keep showing up. You can’t give up. You must keep showing up even when you feel discouraged and it’s not working. Even when you feel like no one’s listening, no one’s watching. I’m telling you they are. And it’s only a matter of time before things start to start to click.

But if you throw in the towel and stop, there’s no way for momentum to keep building. It also breaks trust. They have to know you or wanna know you. You’re the it factor. You’re the differentiator. So they have to know you, they have to like you, and they have to trust you. The only way you create trust in any relationship in your life is by showing up. 

Think About Friendships

Think about your friendships, right? If you plan to go out for drinks with your girlfriends, and every single time you plan to go out the day before Sally cancels, after the third or fourth time of cancelling, maybe the next time you go out for drinks, you might not even invite Sally because you’re just gonna assume that she’s not gonna show up.

And she broke your trust, right? The same applies to business. If you all of a sudden stop promoting your offers or stop showing the results of your business and the results of your clients and stop showing up with value, you’re not gonna be top of mind. Somebody else will replace you. Trust me on that. It is an ever-fast-paced moving industry. Y’all, somebody will be next, but that trust will be broken. 

That is one thing that I will pat myself on the back. I know I have to be consistent because my clients watch me. I know that my mastermind beauties and my private clients, and all the women that are in my programs they’re also watching me pave the way.

So I gotta be consistent for them. Imagine if, you know, they’re in my programs, and I’m telling them to do all these things, but I’m not walking the walk; I’m just talking the talk. Ugh. It’s like my worst nightmare. So be consistent. This is something that I know plays such tribute to the success of so many people, but for sure helped me immensely this month to hit that new level in my business.


The last piece that I think helped is processes and systems. Okay, processes and systems, y’all, is something that I do talk about a lot, and it’s something that I believe really can help scale and grow your business and allow for new levels of revenue. I genuinely think it’s almost impossible to grow and scale without them because you have to do everything yourself and eventually burn out. So having things set up in your business on the backend, like, automated emails and follow-up messages once somebody enters your funnel.

Onboarding messages is huge. I couldn’t imagine if I had to send out a personalized email to all 50 people who joined our program this month. So thank God there are things like Kajabi and email marketing platforms that allow for these things to be set up automated. Having things like automated receipts and invoices set up. People will want that. People need that for their records. Courses and online products are a right off, so they will want that information from you. So make sure, number one, that you have it set up and that there is automation.

We all have different businesses and operate differently, but start thinking about some incredible tools and third-party apps like Kajabi. I talk about Kajabi a lot. This is where I now host all of my offers, and most of my payments come through. So if and when you get to a place where your business can flow through single platform, consider Kajabi. It is the best resournce, in my opinion, for being an online business owner and a coach.

Okay, My Loves!

So make sure that you keep your eyes open for next week when I dive into the step-by-step of how I created the first $43,000 month in my business. And you’re not going to miss it because it will be juicy. And, of course, one last thing.

If you found this episode interesting and want to grow and scale your online business, check out the show notes and click the link because you can now sign up for my 2023 one-on-one mentorship waitlist. I will be going through applications over the next couple of weeks, setting up calls and hopefully, I’ll be accepting three to four new beauties for the new year for q1. I would love to chat and learn more about you. So exciting. Let’s freaking go.

Until next week. Love ya, queen! Xo

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