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Hello, my loves. I’m so freaking excited to have you here today because I have a special guest I cannot wait to introduce. She is magic.

Some of you may know her; her name is Jillian. If you’re in my sphere, you will recognize this individual because she’s my sister-in-law, my bestie, and my ride-or-die. She means so much to me, and she’s also a badass six-figure online business owner who has grown her business organically through social media over the last two years. She has created the most incredible brand that attracts her ideal client on autopilot daily.

And she’s going to be sharing so much value with us. She also has over a decade of acting and coaching experience. She has learned the fundamentals of how to show up on camera and behind the camera, deal with rejection, and show up consistently, even when it doesn’t feel easy.

We will also introduce you to our new course, ATTRACTION, where you can learn how to ATTRACT the business of your dreams, so tune into this week’s Next Level Social Podcast episode for all the details!


We are officially so excited to announce that we have teamed up to create something that you ladies have asked us for years and years.

And it is called, without Further ado, drum roll!

Attraction, the Ultimate Content Creators Course.

And as of today, when this podcast is live, it is ready for you Girls to Consume. This course has been a passion project we’ve been working on for months, well, years, but physically and tangibly for months. And it’s a package of our knowledge, experience, and expertise in creating content and showing up online in a way that feels authentic, chic and sexy af. More importantly, it attracts our ideal clients and generates business sales.

Check out the sales page and the link in the description.

Q&A With Jillian and Ayla

So this podcast is gonna be a little bit different. It’s gonna be more of an off-the-cuff Q&A on both ends. So primarily, we’re gonna be talking about creating content that attracts and sells with a few leading questions into our businesses. 

Let’s dive into it! I think Jill’s gonna start with a question, and we’re gonna chat, and you’re just basically like a fly on the wall in a conversation Jill and I probably would have in our kitchen!

Jillian’s Question: What are the best tips for creating a brand that sells?

Okay, this is a good one. What are the best tips for creating a brand that sells? There’s no one better in the whole wide world to answer this because Ayla has created some of the most beautiful brands and scaled businesses to that million-dollar mark. So if you’re sitting there like, I don’t even know where to start, she’s gonna take you step by step through this question.

Ayla’s Answer:

Oh, thank you. So all the freaking plugs, haha. So best tips for creating a brand that sells. This is a crazy big question that I will try to condense in a couple of minutes. You must lean into your personal branding to create a selling brand, especially as a female entrepreneur. And the only way that you can do that is by leaning into what authentically and organically makes you You.
This question can be simple and comprehensive. When you want to create a brand, especially a personal one, think about what uniquely makes you you, what makes you different, and what you are attracted to.

Try answering these questions:

  • What are questions that people ask you?
  • What are your experiences and your expertise?
  • And how do you communicate that?
  • And how can you package that up and start creating valuable content around your personality?
  • What are the colours that you like?
  • What are the feelings that you like?
  • What is your vision?
  • What is your mission for your life?
  • And how can you project that and start to package that up into a business and a brand?

Three Business Polls for Success

So when creating a brand, you want to start with yourself. And then, especially in the beginning days, I always recommend my three business polls for success. If you’re part of my community, if you’re one of my clients, if you listen to the podcast, you know, I talk about these all the time, which is your niche, your target audience, and your offer.

So in Attraction, I walk you through how to find a niche, discover your ideal audience, and put together offers. But for now, start thinking about, you know, what makes you different and how you can niche down specifically into what you’re creating your content around and what your brand is about.

For example, I could have talked about a trillion things when I started my coaching business. I could have talked about email marketing, funnel building, sales and lead generation, social media and branding. But I got specific; I leaned into how to create content and sales on Instagram for female entrepreneurs, and that’s all I talked about.

But as human beings, we evolve, and so does our brand. So if you choose a niche, you’re not boxed into it. It can grow as you do. But in the beginning, get specific. Become clear on what you offer, what you’re solving, and who it is for.


And then the last thing with branding, which Jill and I probably get asked every day, is how do you guys make things look so chic?

“How is your brand so recognizable? When I see a template of yours, I know it’s you. Your stories are like watching a movie.”

That’s what somebody said to me the other day: lovely and a high compliment. And to us, the aesthetics and the visual representation of our branding honestly mean a lot. This is who we are innately; we care and always have cared about our fashion, home decor and makeup artistry.

And we’re both artists; I love to sing, and Jill’s an actress like we are artists in our soul. And so that’s something to keep in mind: not everyone finds aesthetics and visuals appealing, and it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. And that is okay. This is why you have graphic designers in the world and contractors to outsource things.

But in the beginning, if that’s not where you’re at, there are so many resources that you can utilize, and I spill all the tea and give you every single one of the ones I use. So you can find your colours, fonts, graphics, templates, stock imagery, photo shoots, and videos, all of that we teach you and walk you through it in Attraction. But for now, at least start to think about what this stuff looks like.

These are all things I will walk you through during ATTRACTION

Jill: I Think Content Is My Love Language

I think that content is my love language. Actually, my wedding was an eight-hour content shoot, bless my husband and bless Ayla for coordinating my many bridesmaids. So when I think about shooting content, it literally makes me so excited. Yesterday we ran around HomeSense and Michaels because we wanted to make a reel about a spooky potion with some energy fizz, and like we were so excited. So what I’m trying to say is that if the content doesn’t excite you or set your soul on fire, then you might have to outsource it a little bit, and that’s okay because you can feel the energy in what you’re posting. And so this is where we’re gonna get into attraction. 

So when I started creating, I almost had a heart attack. I was so stressed because I didn’t wanna put myself out there; I didn’t even wanna look at it after. When I posted stories, I actually didn’t watch them back. I was like, “post and release – I hope you enjoy my content because I don’t wanna consume it,” because I didn’t want be judgment; I didn’t wanna be in comparison. So what I learned was I needed to get out of my own way start creating in any way I could, which happened to have a few quirks I eventually got over.

So if this is your call to action for today, I want you to start creating something, and I want you just to post it. I want you to jump into messy action, and I want you to start creating. Now, if this doesn’t come naturally to you, that’s okay – we will go over how to create content in the course! You get to watch me with my phone, physically shoot content and show you exactly how to set up the grid, what you should do with the lighting, and how to position the framing because all of that, at the end of the day, eventually creates your aesthetic. 

Ayla: I Love A Good Photo Shoot

Jill and I love a good photo shoot, we use the same content for everything all the time. And yeah, that was so, so freaking valuable. Of course, thank you for sharing all of that. Um, okay, I am going to pass it back to you for one-second cuz you’re gonna ask me another question, haha.

Jillian’s Question: How Do I Create Content That Sells On Social Media? 

Okay, so this one is good. It’s one thing to be creating content. I think we’ve just lived through a big pandemic, and there’s a bit of social burnout, and so people are like, I’m posting reels, I’m posting stories, I’m posting calls to action. Guess what? No one’s buying from me. And you know what? That’s, that’s not actually moving your business forward, that’s just creating content. So if you’re in that social burnout and you’ve been creating content, and it’s simply not moving the needle in your business, aka actually bringing revenue into your business, you gotta check yourself. You got to find a way to have your content move your business forward. So Ayla is going to answer how do I create content that sells on social media? 

Ayla’s Answer:

This is a question I get asked every single day. And it’s a very important question because we are not born to be full-time content creators. That is not the vibe at all. We’re born to be full-time CEOs, bosses, and business builders and live on our terms. 

Yes, content, especially when you have businesses like Jillian and I do, where we run our businesses organically, plays a significant part. However, I am super big on ensuring you have a process and a system around creating content. So precisely what Jill was saying, you’re not leading to burnout, and you’re not showing up every single day all day long because that is just not conducive to being a freaking boss.


So like everything in my business, I have a system and a system for creating content that will help you, number one, show up consistently. And number two, generate sales. And so when you start to look at content like this and start to reframe your mind around the structure of it and really start to treat it like a business, it actually no longer starts to feel like creating content and more like a deliverable in my business; it’s part of my daily checklist, my weekly checklist. I have a process and a system around it, it’s non-negotiable, and it’s not about me.

Treat Social Media Like A Business

I always say when you treat social media like a business, it’ll start to reward you like a business. And this is really how you start selling on social media and how you start to generate sales. Number one, I sell on social media almost daily. So if you are not talking about your offers, if you’re not creating content that speaks to your ideal client’s pain points and showcasing the transformation that you and your product and your service can provide on a daily basis, you’re not gonna be generating sales. People need to see things 13 different times, minimum, before they take action. So whatever it is that you have to offer, your content needs to be strategic, and it needs to be talking about what it is.

And so a lot of people, you know, we can get in our way, and we can feel sleazy around selling on social. And that’s okay, everyone feels that way. Myself included. 

The first time I started showing up and talking about my stories about selling things, it was super uncomfortable. So I understand. But the second that I switched my perspective to, I’m literally helping people and could potentially change a female entrepreneur’s life, I no longer felt cringy. 

Control Your Narrative

So it’s a lot of mindset around creating content that sells. And if you’re also telling yourself, “oh my gosh, I’m creating all this content, and no one’s buying,” you’re putting that into the universe, and that is gonna be what you start to attract back. So try not to think that way. And that takes practice, and that takes time. That’s personal development; it’s listening to podcasts like this one and many other incredible ones and talking to mentors and team members. 

So don’t put the narrative of zero sales into the universe. Jill and I firmly believe what you put out, you attract back. And that’s with everything that we do, our content, our visions, our manifestations, and how we speak and show up for our families and our friends.

Be Strategic

And then, our topics and our pillars need to be strategic. They need to, of course, be flowy and feel intuitive, but it also needs to be treated like a business. So make sure that you have a touch of educational content and inspirational content; you wanna entertain with your content and be relatable and, of course, promote. And so again, in attraction, I walk you through all of that, but for now, even just thinking about those pillars and being like, “do I educate with my content? Am I, am I building a connection and relating to my audience with my content? Do I ever talk about the results of my products and services or showcase the results and testimonials from my clients? Do I even sell?”

Ask yourself these questions, and I guarantee if you’re not generating sales right now through your content, you might be missing one or you might not be inconsistent enough.

Know Where Your Ideal Client Lives

And then the last piece on sales, and Jill, can chime in, but Instagram is the tool I use because this is where my audience lives. So if you’re on TikTok, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Pinterest, wherever, that’s totally fine. Y’all can be YouTube, even though they all have amazing purposes and can be incredibly beneficial. But it’s essential to think about where your ideal client lives. Mine lives on the gram, she is me, and we like to be on the gram. So that’s where I live, and that’s where Jill lives, and that’s where we show up primarily.

Ayla Question: How Have You Grown On Social Media?

So Jillian, please share with the girls how you have grown on social media, what does that look like for you, and how does it affect your business?

Jillian Answer:

Well, this is a sparkly question. We get it a lot. Okay, so there is no secret equation. I’m going to tell you what I did, and it might work for you, and it might not. The secret to success is going to be found in your daily habits, and it’s going to be found in your consistency. So if you don’t have daily habits that support the business, the brand and the life that you want, you’re going to keep running either into burnout or you’re not gonna be consistent enough to build that business. So consistency is the secret ingredient that I hope works for you too.

And where consistency gets fascinating is when you don’t wanna show up. And that has stuck with me my entire life because so often we write ourselves off like, I’m not gonna show up today cuz I’m having a rough day, or I have a headache. These excuses are real and justified, but they don’t have to stop your business or your life moving forward. You can authentically show up exactly where you are and still move the needle forward in your business.

So, you know, my business has not been all rainbows and butterflies, and we’ll get into that. But I show up whether I feel like it because there’s no back door for me. There’s no plan B. Plan A is the only plan. And so this business and brand depend on me, and I have a massive vision for where I’m going. 

So I wanted you to know that you can be consistent no matter where you are in your life, but it is a choice and will come down to your daily habits. Like Ayla said. You must build it into your business plan and weekly calls to action. 

How I Started

How I built this is kind of fun. So I joined Ayla’s Next Level Social Mastermind in January. When I first started my business, I had a thousand followers, and I decided that I was going to pretend that I was an influencer. I followed some amazing influencers because I love fashion and knowing where to shop or grab a coffee was, and those influencers gave me that information for free. So I learned if I showed up with value and treated my business like an influencer, even though I have probably less than a thousand followers, I could attract an audience. 

So show up as her before you are her. 

I pretended that I had this big business and this big following, and it started to happen. But then I hit a point in my business where I was like, you know what? I need to drop all the excuses, and get outta my damn way; I’m gonna hire a coach. So I hired Ayla, haha, and was like, “I don’t know if I shouldn’t be doing this. And I was like, no, I need it. I need the accountability.”

So from there, I did a photo shoot where I rebranded myself, and started to show up in the way that I saw my business in my head, and it started to transform. Now from there, I went from 6,000 followers to 12,000 followers. And I’m not really about those vanity metrics, but how I did this is I got out my damn way. I did messy action. And this is hard for me because I love nothing more than a curated Instagram page, and I’m dating myself cause I know Gen Z is like, “what are you talking about that you need an aesthetic feed?”

But I do. I really do. And when I realized I could hide my reels and not have them be on my main page, I was like, I’m gonna make two reels a day every single day for my ideal client that’s packed with value, and I’m gonna show up if one person watches my reel that day, that’s one more person for free. This is free marketing on social media. So like, I’m just gonna keep showing up, and I showed up for 90 days, two reels a day, and it exploded my network. 

The Secret Sauce

Now is that gonna work for you? Is that the algorithm? Am I giving you the secret sauce? 

Absolutely not. What I want you to pick up from this is that I showed up when I didn’t want to, was clear about who I was talking to, and made content for that ideal target audience.

And I think you should definitely check what people are engaging with every quarter. Ask yourself, “how can I create more content like that?” But within those 90 days, please consistently show up as the bold, wonderful person you are without diminishing yourself. 

Direct to DM’s

The last little part is when I post most of my calls to action, they bring you to my DMs. And when you’re talking to me in a direct message, you’re probably going to hear this voice on the other side because I’m a big fan of voice notes. I’m a big fan of you knowing I’m a person on the other side of that direct message.

So I think just really getting back to those core qualities of what value do I bring to the table? How can I give it all away for free? And know that in doing that, so much is coming back to you. You don’t need to hold anything back. There are no secrets to success. There’s no secret recipe. No one is you, you are the IT factor; you are the secret weapon. So show up, and I can’t wait for you to blow up on your Instagram account. 

Jillian Question: What Is The Hardest Thing About Showing Up on Instagram?

So growing on social media takes consistency, but what would you consider the most challenging thing about showing up online?

Ayla Answer:

Oh my gosh, well, first of all, thank you for all of that information about growing on Instagram. Jill’s right though the biggest takeaway is consistency. It’s like the niche word: niche and consistency to me are the two most annoying words, but they are so important when it comes to building a brand on Instagram. 

And, what is the hardest part about showing up on social media? I mean, how can I choose just one?

Being Vulnerable

But I feel it’s creating content, putting yourself out there, and showing up over time. With practice, it can become easier and feel a little bit more natural. But for me, I don’t know, maybe not for everyone, but it’s always a little uncomfortable. You always feel a little vulnerable.

For somebody like me, when I’m showing up on stories and posting reels, I do treat it like art. And so, I put a lot of extra time and energy into the visual aspect of how it looks. And so it’s vulnerable. It’s vulnerable when you put something out there, and you’re not sure how it’s gonna be received. And so, for me, the hardest part is letting go of any judgments, letting go of any perceived misconceptions and just being vulnerable and showing up.

You Have To Jump Before You Can Fly

Even though I talk about it here all the time, every time I throw an offer up, I hold my breath and count to 10 because so many factors go into whether or not an offer’s gonna land. Just a couple of months ago, I launched an offer that I was excited about. I put a ton of work behind it. The branding was like so fly. It was my Ignite mastermind if you’re in the community and around, you might have seen me promoting it and had these fire videos, and you know, the music and the graphics were sick.

I launched it, put it out there, and literally, crickets.

It was crickets for 24 hours. And I was like, what the hell? This hasn’t happened in a while. And my mind started playing with me, and the ego started getting in the way, and I’m like, “did I miss something? Are the links broken? Why is no one asking?” My limiting beliefs and all these things started coming in, and I got overwhelmed, and I was like, “oh, the offer sucks. Maybe I won’t launch it.”

So, the hardest part for me is being able to show up and not care what anyone’s thinking and to keep showing up.

But if I had stopped promoting that offer like I wanted to, I wouldn’t have ended up getting the eight incredible beauties that ended up joining after almost the end of the week.

So that part is tricky. It’s vulnerable to show up online and create content. And also, if no one would’ve bought that program, that’s okay – it’s not personal. And that’s also happened before. I’ve had other offers, and no one buys them. And that’s okay. You keep showing up, you keep creating. And that is our job as content creators to keep showing up because our people are watching us. So yeah, that’s the most challenging part for me. I think it is just letting go of the judgment of others and not letting my ego get involved. And it’s okay sometimes to fail, haha. Yeah. So anyways, that is that. There you go. Ayla getting a little vulnerable.

Ayla’s Question: How do you always show up on social, oozing confidence and not giving a flying f?

Um, okay, Jill, I wanna know how you always show up on social, oozing confidence and not giving a flying f. I don’t know if that’s actually how you feel. So what would you recommend to somebody who just feels a little self-conscious about showing up on camera? How do you ooze confidence? And I know in your business, there are a lot of rejections, misconceptions, and preconceived notions. So I’m curious how, number one, you always just show up so confidently, and how you handle the rejection side of showing up online and creating content.

Jillian’s Answer:

This is a good one. Confidence comes from being 100% okay with who you are and loving yourself. 

That’s probably not the answer that you want because it’s like, oh, put on makeup, and you’ll of course feel better. But truthfully, when you love yourself, and you know yourself, and you know your core values, then what anyone else says loses weight. If they’re like, oh, she’s da da, you know, they have an opinion on you, but I’m like, “I’m good with me. I’m good if you like me or not because I think I’m a good person in my soul.” And so what you think of me is not going to dictate or take away from who I am. 

And so that is, you know, a power that is very potent in a place where outside opinions and influence can’t take away who you are. 

So that’s confidence for me. It’s an inside job. 


Now, regarding rejection or stigma or all those things, I think you should hit them right on the head. Like, I think you should just literally be truthful. So much of why people are judging you is because you’re hiding. Everyone is looking for transparency and truthful interactions.

I mean, this is a quality in me that not all people love, but I can be really blunt. I learned it as an acting coach as I watched an actor pouring their soul out, and I knew I had to tell them if I believed them or why I didn’t believe them. When I questioned their authenticity, I knew it was an arrow that cut through their heartstrings, and sometimes they’d cry. But then six lessons later, that actor came back, and they were more themselves, and they didn’t have a social mask on, and they were showing up because no one’s you.

So when you’re hiding, or you’re compromising, or you’re being fake, people know. 

So what I think about rejection is that if you’re willing to keep showing up, to pick yourself up one more time, there’s nothing you can’t do. A book by Ed Millet called “The Power of One More” discusses how to continue through difficulty. So the author would say to his dad, who was a recovered alcoholic, “are you ever going start drinking again?” And his dad would say, “I’m going to not drink for one more day.” So if you get rejected, and you don’t stop or quit, even though it hurts, you can tell yourself that you keep going for one more day. And if you keep showing up, you’re gonna start to realize that even though that person said no to me, doesn’t want me for their movie or wanna work with me, I’m still alive, and I can still be okay.

At the end of the day, rejection is not gonna kill you. 

It only collapses your business if you quit. So slow down, you know, you can be sad for a moment. Pick yourself back up and get back to work. 

Jillian’s Question: Okay, Ayla, can you talk to me a little bit about employee mindset to entrepreneurial mindset and what that looks like?

Ayla’s Answer:

Um, okay, yeah, this is a good question. I feel like so many of us can relate because we’re conditioned from a very young age to work for a company. You go to kindergarten, and you’re there for eight hours. Jill’s daughter right now is in kindergarten, and we can’t believe that she has to sit at school for eight hours, and this is just normal. So from the get-go, we are structured to go to school, be there for eight hours, get a degree, then get a job, and work nine to five 40 hours a week. And that is what our culture has built and supported over the last 150 years.

And especially if you are raised this way, which I was, you don’t know anything else. I literally got degrees and, you know, went and worked, but I knew I was made for more. I always had this calling inside of me. But again, and I talk about this on the podcast a lot, a lot, a lot. I was afraid, I was nervous too, you know, to dive into my business all by myself. And it was a lot easier to be in the shadows of all these brands and all these celebrities creating their businesses and turning them into millionaires. And it was a lot of limiting beliefs, a lack of confidence, and being scared shitless because it’s not what I’ve been conditioned to want.

Being An Entrepreneur Is Scary AF; It’s a Rollercoaster. 

The highs and the lows are natural. And if you’re listening to this podcast, you know, because you’re an entrepreneur. But also, on the other side, there’s no better feeling; there’s no bigger reward when you can literally wake up and plan your day accordingly to how you want it to be. And when you’re able to create your own business, offers, and money, you realize the endless possibilities. There’s no cap, right? But when we’re working nine to five for corporations, you’re capped, and it can take years to get anywhere higher. So for me, the most significant shift, honestly, had something inside me calling.

I finally hit a point where the fear of failure was less than my fear of suffocation. 

Sometimes It Takes a Push

I also had some personal and business relationships end that gave me the push I needed. I hired my first mentor too, and that was huge. So if you’re on the fence about your business or you’re just lost in your business, hiring a mentor and looking for somebody that’s where you want to be is the first step. I mean, literally, I cannot preach that enough. It’s why I’m a mentor. There’s nothing that lights me up more than helping women. But for me it was having that accountability, having somebody else that had kind of paved the way to teach me and show me, and more than anything, believe in me who wasn’t Jill or my mom or my dad or my husband, cuz they’ve always all believed in me and always kind of pushed me.

So there is inner work. 

You Must Decide

So it’s a combination of mindset, belief, and then executing and deciding. And I will say, the moment I finally decided I no longer wanted to be burnt out working for all these people, I wanted to be an entrepreneur; I committed. I go all in on things, and nothing will stop me. Um, which is kind of what happened. Plus, I just spent $25,000 on a coach that I had to make sure I had a return. And that was like a massive thing for me. And that’s also why paying to play for certain things and having, you know, something at stake can be helpful to get you out of whatever rut you’re in and whatever.

It can be in fitness, it can be in your relationships, it can be in business, whatever it is. I always knew I wanted more, and I knew that the only way I was going to get it was if I finally just got out of my way, stopped being so afraid, invested in myself and my business, and took it seriously. The unknown of never knowing what it would’ve been was scarier than trying and going on. And obviously, it’s been the best thing, and I will never look back. So, if you are thinking about going all in your business, starting a business, or turning your side hustle into something, do it.

Cuz you have one life, and you know, my mom’s an employee, my dad, all of the people in my life are employees. And if that’s what lights you up and gives you comfort, and you’re genuinely happy doing that, please do that. Live your life, and do whatever lights your soul up. And I’m so thankful for all the employees in the world cuz they keep the world running. But if something is whispering in your ear, do a gut check, lean into it and take the leap because it’s the best thing ever. So yeah. Thank you for that question, Jill.

Ayla’s Question: What is the biggest learning lesson that you’ve had in entrepreneurship?

Okay, we’re gonna wrap this up super quickly, and I want to dive into, I’m gonna say a spicy question, and we’ll navigate this accordingly, but I feel like this is something a lot of people in our spheres, even in our personal networks would love to know from you, Jill. What is the most significant learning lesson that you’ve had in entrepreneurship, and can you share a moment that you can remember in your entrepreneurial journey so far that has really tested you and, and pushed you past your limits of what you thought was possible? I know that’s a big, huge question, but giv’er.

Jillian’s Answer:

Well, this is definitely in the gossip section of things. I think it’s helpful that I’m far enough away from the trauma to speak on it, so I’ll give the people what they want.

Um, okay, so much of my business looks effortless. It looks like an overnight success. It looks fabulous. And let me tell you, I had a great time, but I was also terrified. I was at Ayla’s house when my whole world changed and my plan A and plan B no longer existed. And that is a fascinating place to be in when you have put your trust and 12 years of experience into one way of living.

I honestly couldn’t see a different way of surviving. Kind of similar to what Ayla said. I thought that this was my life, and I had a lot of limiting beliefs about what was possible for me. So when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and started an online business, it took off. It was so much fun, and after a moment, I thought I might have something there. That was confirmed when I reached the top 1%, and the top 1% in anything means you did what 99% of others are unwilling to do. 

Dad’s Advice

And trust me, haha, that’s what I did when I started. What’s fascinating is I told my dad I was so excited and so happy, and he said, well, don’t rest there.

And I was like, what? Like, dad, like, come on. I worked so hard for this accomplishment. And he is like, “yeah, but in terms of success, people will never be able to replicate their path to success, so there’s nowhere to go but backwards.” And lucky, he said that because little did I know everything was going to crumble in the next few months. I’m not gonna get into the details. Um, I know that’s probably what you want, but it’s not professional. I had so much personal trauma around the business I was proud of and worked hard to establish no longer existing.

So I wanted to quit. I was at a place where I was telling Ayla I was done. I’m walking away from this business altogether. Because at the time, it was just so hard to navigate, and I really felt embarrassed, defeated, and depleted. And my daughter had watched me work and sacrifice time away from her. It makes me emotional. And so much of the jealousy or the things that happened to me during that time period happened from people that don’t know me. 

And if you are sitting outside of someone’s life and you’re like, how is she so successful? How does she have this or that? Why is it working for her? Take a second and do a gut check because that means that maybe you are meant for more. Maybe you wanna have that success too. But instead of coming to me, they went about it in a way that was malicious and meant to destroy me. 

So I had a choice.

I can let it destroy me, or I can rise the fuck above it. And I decided this is not gonna go on my tombstone. Like, I’m not done. I’m gonna stand back up. 

Rock Bottom

Now, I didn’t stand back up quickly. I listened to a fascinating podcast where, uh, actually, Dane Cook, which is so funny, talked about hitting rock bottom. He says that if you can sit at rock bottom long enough and look around, you can change your life. You can look at your limiting beliefs and habits and evaluate how you’re in this place of disappointment, trauma, and pain. From self-reflection and change, you can rise again.

The thing is, is that you’re not done. You’re alive. And so if your business goes through setbacks, your business goes through failure, your business goes through difficult times, you can rebuild, you can rise back up. But it means you’ll have to dive very deep into personal development. And you might have to be uncomfortable for a little bit. But I am so happy that I stood back up because I wouldn’t be here making this content creator course if I had let myself quit.

This business has taught me so much about myself and about business that now I’m able to pivot. So my best advice is that yes, I know this is fascinating, and I know I didn’t do extreme details. It’s just not professional. It’s not something that I’m willing to do. And you need boundaries around things that are extremely personal to you. But I am willing to be transparent, honest, and tell you that what’s meant to destroy you can make you a hell of a stronger person. 

So give it that one more day. Keep showing up.

Ayla’s Response:

So good. So good. Jill is such a fighter. And I know that’s gonna help many people because every business goes through ups and downs. Entrepreneurship is the ultimate rollercoaster, but the highs are so good, the lows not so good. But as she said, if you can get past ’em, if you can keep putting one step in front of the other, it really does make you stronger. And you’ll be a better boss, a better woman, a better mentor, mother, sister, friend, wife, all the things.

Okay, My Loves!

And I’m so grateful that you came here, Jill. I’m so happy to have you on the show and to share you with everyone. And if you guys have any questions about any of the stuff that we talked about today, we are open books. You can follow Jillian on Instagram with her handle in the show notes. 

And like we said, I know we talked a lot about the content creator course, and we’re so excited. If you feel like this course is meant for you, if you want to learn things about content and how to create a brand that is sexy, chic, and sophisticated, but more than anything is attracting your ideal client and creating impact in the world, this course is for you. 

So check out the details on the link below. We’re gonna wrap it up there. We hope that you loved this as much as we loved being here. Thank you so much, Jill, for being here. I adore you. That was so helpful. And other than that, I think we’ll, we’ll wrap it up.


Thank you guys so much. We both love to talk, so we hope you made it all this way. Thank you. And I cannot wait. If you’re going to be in the Content creator course, we’re so excited for you. We’re so grateful and thrilled that we got to create something like this for you guys, and we know it’s gonna be very valuable. So thank you. Thank you, Ayla.

Until next week. Love ya, queen! Xo

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