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Welcome to part two of the exciting story of what I learned during my first 43K month. In case you missed last week’s episode, make sure you go check out part one HERE.

In part two, I’ll discuss how I was able to implement and execute my business’s highest revenue month. I’m still pinching myself. 

And in case you missed it, this episode is definitely going to be talking about money. So this is my little trigger warning. I pepper that in because talking about finances can be triggering. I get it, I’ve been there, but I am sharing this blog to pave the way and paint the vision, as my mentors and the mentors before them have done. That’s my job.

If you’re ready to hear the lessons I learned during my first 43K month, tune in to The Next Level Social Podcast! 

Offer Suite Fundamentals 

So the initial piece in creating record sales was my offer suite. If you are a ride-or-die reader, you’ll know I always talk about my offer suite, and I recommend having something in your offer suite that’s low, middle, and high. I am always promoting these things and have available if and when somebody wants to work with me.

So my foundation offers are things like my self-study or my digital products. My middle ticket offer is my next level social mastermind, and this is my group coaching mentorship program with about 15 women I coach weekly.

And then, of course, on the higher end is my one-on-one private mentorship. This is when I work with women on a three-month capacity or commitment, and we meet one-on-one weekly. They get access to all of my programs, courses, and a chance to come on the podcast as a guest. Really, truly, when you’re my private client, I go above and beyond. And with that being said, they also pay the most to work with me.

So low, middle, and high. And at any given time, I can offer these options to individuals, and they can find information and pay me for these services.

I’m always promoting them, talking about them, selling them and generating revenue from them.


The next factor in creating my first 41K month was pricing my offers correctly. If you have a revenue goal, make your offers to match that goal. My strategy is to work backwards by setting a number and then pricing my suite to achieve it realistically.

For example, if I wanted a 20K month, I would need to price my mastermind and one-on-one mentorship to hit that goal. If you charge $150 an hour for coaching, you need 133 hours. That would mean 4 hours of one-on-one calls daily with around 70 clients. I don’t know about you, but that’s a road to burnout for me. So price your time, so it’s scalable and livable!

The only con with this offer suite is I don’t know how many new private clients or Mastermind clients I’m going to get. That’s unpredictability and something I’m working on structuring more efficiently, but it is still an incredible and precious way of generating revenue for my business.

Income Layout

So last month, I generated $12,000 between private and Mastermind. I also have my lower ticket self-study offers that are ongoing that are 100% scalable. They require no one-on-one time, and people can sign up when they want via my website, link in my bio, or highlights. And this month, I generated about $2,000 just from self-study offers and another $2,000 with reoccurring revenue. Amazing. Between self-study and reoccurring, that was an additional $4,000 into my bank without me really doing anything.

So brilliant, so epic, and so grateful.

Start thinking about how you can generate reoccurring and scalable offers for your business immediately. 

I cannot recommend it enough. So all of that being said, that is what I had and have set up all the time in my business, the foundation really of how my business is structured and how I’m able to, no matter what, generate 20 grand monthly minimum into my business.


Now the next piece to generating $43,000 was new launches and offers. So my motto with launches is to never come from a place of scarcity and reaction. Instead, come from a place of demand. When I hear and see the same questions, comments, and concerns with my community, instead of trying to answer these questions individually, it’s usually a sign for me that I need to create something.

So with a new launch, ensure there is demand there, and lean in as much as you can to intuition. So what this means is when I genuinely feel inspired, my gut calls me to create. For example, I launched the Ignite Mastermind a couple of months ago, and it’s by far one of my favourite launches because I genuinely leaned into my gut and intuition. I was in the car driving back from a trip with my husband at the time, and I was dozing off thinking about work when suddenly I saw pink flames in my head. I was like, I see flames; I’m seeing pink; what could this mean? And then all of a sudden, I was like, ignite.

Additionally, my clients kept asking me how to create and launch a coaching business.

So this is what Ignite was and is, it’s every single thing that I personally did over the last year and a half to create, launch and execute a multiple six figure online coaching business. It was my road to success, and I told the story of a spark that lit the flame of my business. 

I know I’m not telling you exactly how I come up with my offers because what I’m actually doing is listening. I’m listening to those around me and to myself. That’s as much as I can sum it up for you. 


I always call for urgency and exclusivity with my offers. Big or small, to keep momentum and FOMO, you need a time limit. People need to see that something is an opportunity they can miss. If your offer is readily available and ongoing – no matter what, people won’t move. It’s just human nature. So marketing 1 0 1 is to have sales tactics that promote urgency and exclusivity.

Also, whenever someone shared my offer, I sang their praises. This was how I could fill three spots in a week and, just like that, earn $12,000. These sales numbers culminate with years of experience and building my brand, business, and credibility. I say I was able to reach 12K “just like that,” but what I mean is my life and business have led to a place where I am now able to justify those sale numbers.

Halfway Point

So halfway through the month, I’m sitting at approximately 24,000. I’ve already gone over my monthly minimum, and I’m jacked, inspired, and excited. In the same breath, I also had two weeks left in the month and had more to offer. I had been teasing a more comprehensive launch. It was a partnership with my sister-in-law, Jill, and we were going to launch something that we had planned for about five months.

It was my first partnership in my business, and it was the first big comprehensive launch I had done in a while. And this also was a hybrid offer; it was a self-study content creator course that individuals could buy and dive into on their own. And we also offered an upgrade VIP mastermind option where people could work with us for five weeks in a group setting, and we would go through the content with them. So lots of new things and exciting things.


Step one to the launch was hype. So I talk about hype a lot in my mastermind and with my private clients. Hype is such an important element when it comes to dropping any product or service. When we think of the biggest brands in the market and the biggest brands in the industry, they hype things up, count things down, plant seeds, and talk about something weeks and sometimes months before the actual launch itself happens. So that is what my sister-in-law and I did for the Content creator course. We created a wait list before launching and did a photo shoot about five months before. I don’t necessarily think you have to start doing a photo shoot and start hyping it out five months earlier, but that’s what worked for us.

Similarly, we started to research our current clients and ask them what they wanted to know.

Based on their feedback, we created the course like a roadmap of frequently asked questions. We wanted to ensure that we crossed all our T’s and dotted all of our i’s by including everything you ladies wanted to know.

We also took our time with it, we both have busy lives, and we wanted the pressure off to give this project the space it needed to breathe with our shared audiences.


It’s also a content creation course. So we knew that this course’s content and promotion had to be boss. So we’re like, okay, we need a theme. And this one, again, kind of just came to us, literally. We were just chatting, and out of nowhere, my sister-in-law said XOXO and then I was like, “oh my god, gossip girl.”
And we did a little scream, and it kind of just happened. So we picked the theme of Gossip Girl cause, if you’re familiar with it, it’s two women in the city living life. My sister-in-law and I are two city women, and we embrace and celebrate that about ourselves. So we had all of the audio to the Gossip Girl, and we did a content shoot where we dressed like the characters and got some bougie shopping bags to film reels for promotion.

Free Masterclass

And then, from there, we decided to incorporate a 60-minute free masterclass. I know everyone has an opinion about master classes, whether they should do them, number one, whether they should be free. I’ve been a part of many course launches where I’ve seen such success with a free masterclass. So I wanted to do a free masterclass for 60 minutes and have it be value jam freaking packed. I told my sister-in-law, “even if nobody buys our course, I want everyone to walk away with the best impression of the two of us.”

I wanted them to get value and takeaways they could execute in their businesses right then and there. That was my intention, my entire vision, and what we leaned into. And I always say come from a place with giving, giving, giving. Then maybe, and only maybe, will you get something in return.

And if you come from that place of pure abundance, I’m telling you, magic starts to happen.

And then if they want the actual how, okay, cool, that’s where the course will come in. That’s where the product and the service will come in. So that is how successful webinars and masterclass free trainings can take place. Give them a taste, a valuable af taste of you and what you do, and then leave them always wanting more. I always like to give them the popcorn, but if they want the butter after pouring into them for 60 minutes, they’ll have to pay the Pippa; you know what I’m saying?


So we promoted the masterclass for about a week and ended up having 500 people register. I used Eventbrite, and we capped out how many people we could have, which was terrific. And about just under half of them showed up live. We poured into them for an hour, as I said. And then we offered anyone that was live an exclusive offer on price, and we gave them a bonus media kit template and training. And then we also gave anyone who watched the next 24 hours and registered for the masterclass a pre-pre-sale price, okay?

So again, we want to provide urgency and fast action and reward the people who take swift action. And so I think over half of the signups came from people either live during the masterclass or within the next 24 hours, even before we launch to the public. So this is the power of what can happen when you do a masterclass and a webinar and get as many freaking people registered as possible.
Additionally, when we launched the course, there were two of us promoting it. So keep that in mind. I have my platform, and my sister-in-law has her platform. We launch it to everyone. We came out with solid branding; we had all the photos and videos from our photo shoot and launched to everyone at a pre-sale Black Friday price.

Yes, we launched during Black Friday, and that’s a whole other conversation. But I don’t regret it, and it was totally fine. I’m always of the mindset that if it’s a good offer, branding, and transformation, it doesn’t matter what time you launch; it’ll sell.

So we launched at a pre-sale Black Friday price for about four days as our last lever to pull urgency.
And that was like the entire launch.

If you want to see how it tangibly played out, check out my Instagram profile or my sister’s Jillian Walchuk. You can see all the graphics, reels and story highlights.


I also want to say we used around 20 ambassadors. So people in our networks, previous clients or people who had worked with us whose audience was our ideal client too. And we asked them to help us spread the word and get our product in front of new audiences. We offered them a discount code to give their audience 10% off. And then, we gave kickback commissions to anyone who purchased with their codes for 10% of sales. Ambassadors are excellent because, at some point, you burn out your warm audience if you’re not using paid ads, which we didn’t.


Jill and I also did a podcast episode together here on the Next Level Social podcast, which was fun. I had her as a guest. We dove into the course and actively promoted it. And I know that that was super helpful.
And overall, it was about a two-week launch, which landed us at an additional $25,000, which was freaking amazing. We had no idea what to expect; honestly, it was the first time she had ever done anything like this before. It was such an honour and a privilege, and I’m so grateful that I could share this with her and let her see how my business works.

So her online business is quite different, and she’s also an actress. So it was cool to share that experience. And we had always dreamed about partnering on something together. Again, we came from a fun flowy, valuable educational place, and by the end, it generated just over $40,000.

Working for 12 years…

And you know, it’s still so wild to me. But, as I said, it also makes total sense. I have worked my tail off for 12 years and gone all into my business for the last two years. I’m super clear on who I help and how I help them. I have a robust offer suite, know how to launch, have systems and processes mapped out, and I worked hard this month. I really did. And it was also fun and flowy, and I’m so grateful. I’m thankful beyond belief that I see how it was done and can teach other female entrepreneurs how they can do the same. It’s genuinely my mission. 

Okay, My Loves!

And if you ever want to talk about this more, and if you’re going to take your business one step forward and need help executing, I will put the wait list for my one-on-one coaching below. I’m in the process of onboarding new clients for 2023. So check that out. I will love to work with you if it feels aligned. In the meantime, if you found this episode valuable, take a screenshot, share it on social, and tag me. And until next week, I love you beauties so freaking much, and I will talk to you soon.

Take care. Have a beautiful freaking day.

Until next week. Love ya, queen! Xo

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