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Hello, my friends. What is going on? What is happening? How are you doing? Welcome back to a new episode of the Next Level Social podcast. I am beyond excited to have you here for another episode and discuss something I love talking about: content, content, content.

If you know me, I am a content girl. I love showing up on social media, putting together videos and carousels and doing photo shoots, and showing up with my content in a way that feels super aligned with me and, therefore, super aligned with my ideal client and audience. 

So I will be talking about that. Today I’m going to be sharing five steps to creating content that attracts your ideal client and generates sales into your business all day, every day, without, let me repeat, having to spend money on ads.

If you’re ready to learn how to ATTRACT the business of your dreams, tune into this week’s Next Level Social Podcast episode!

Master Class

But before we even dive into the episode, I wanted to let you know that this Thursday, November 17th, at 11:00 AM Pacific Center time, I, along with my sister-in-law, Jillian Walchuk, willbe taking the topic of this conversation one step further. 

We’re going to be hosting a live free, yes, free masterclass on the five steps to attracting and selling your content. So you are not going to wanna miss this! We’re spilling all the tea, and you also get to hear Jill’s perspective. My sister-in-law is also an online business owner and has created and built her entire brand and online business using organic social media within two years. Jill comes from an acting background, so there is lots of stuff around mindset, rejection, showing up on camera and being comfortable being vulnerable. 

So definitely check out the show notes and make sure that you come. As of right now, I think there are 340 people registered, and once we hit 500, we won’t be able to have any more. So I hope by the time you read this, you can still grab a seat, but even if you can’t be there live, no stress because we will send out a replay to everyone registered. So definitely, I definitely wanna check that out.

We’re going to be hosting a live free, yes, free masterclass on the five steps to attracting and selling your content.

Step One

So without further ado, let’s talk about my five methods for creating content that attracts and sells.

The first step for creating content that sells is making a brand that sells. And what do I mean by that? So I know that so many of us listening have different businesses. Some are products, and some are services, some are small businesses, and some are individual people.

And so this will look and feel a little different for everyone, but I’m gonna speak about my kind of brand a little bit. What I’ve done is lean into creating a personal brand. And what this means is finding a niche – claiming what makes you different.

You can find a niche by answering questions like, What do you already know? What are you an expert in? What are your friends and your families continuously asking you? What do you believe in? What’s your mission in life as a person? And how can you start to create that into your business and into your branding and start to build a connection? 

So building a personal brand is showing up as you and being your authentic, genuine, true self. And the biggest and best brands out there do a good job with this by knowing and understanding their why. You know that saying, people don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it? It’s true because people love to feel a connection. They want to know the mission behind your business and ultimately want to buy from somebody different, that’s authentic, that’s genuine, and that believes in something bigger.

However, I have evolved as an entrepreneur in the last couple of years, and I can teach, and work with women who have more to their businesses than just social media. I’m helping women with funnels, automation, reoccurring revenue, and offer suites, systems, processes, and hiring. But in the beginning, your girl only talked about social media, and I talked about Instagram for sales. I talked about how to build your Instagram profile and how to convert from sales for female entrepreneurs. That was my niche. That is what I owned into, and I started with. And that was how my ideal clients at that time found me as I’ve evolved, because as we evolve as humans, our niches are gonna evolve.

Step Two

Step two is starting to create content for the person you want to attract. And that is about really keeping consistent. I know that that is something that we hear all the freaking time. But in order for people to discover us, in order for people to trust us, in order for people to like us and know us and ultimately buy from us, especially from our content, we need to show up for them. I’m gonna say that again. We need to show up for our people in order for them to find us, to know about us, and to know what we offer. And so that is why I always say we gotta be consistent.

And that doesn’t mean that we need to be showing up on social media seven days a week. Ain’t nobody got time for that. And I always say we are not born to be full-time content creators. We’re born to be full-time bosses & CEOs. So that is why I teach, and I preach creating a system. And this is something that I definitely will dive into in the masterclass a little bit further, but it’s setting time to create content, getting it in the calendar, batching your content, getting strategic about it and treating it like a business so you can show up consistently, even if that’s two days a week, even if that’s three days a week, even if that is one day a freaking week. As long as you can promise me and yourself right now that you’re just gonna stay consistent with it, that’s all I care about.

These are all things I will walk you through during out master class

Why Is Consistency So Important?

Consistency is how you’re going to start to build a brand that ultimately sells. Because people, when they have a problem that you know how to solve, and you’re talking about all the time, you’re gonna be top of mind. Okay? So stay consistent.

Step Three

Something that I have found that has really made my content stand out and what so many of my clients come to me about is the aesthetic is the actual visuals. And not everyone believes in this. Not everyone needs to place emphasis and focus on this. So please don’t get me wrong here, but for me, in my brand, placing focus on my content and the way that it visually looks has elevated my brand and the ideal client that I am attracting. So I put a lot of emphasis on this. And what I mean by aesthetic is the colours that represent my branding, the fonts that I’ve chosen, the presets that I add to my photos, the templates that I’m using in my stories, the videos and the photos, all of that.

When I’m creating my content, it makes me proud when I create a piece I put love in. When I teach my team how to create content on my behalf, I tell them, “Okay, these are my colours, these are my fonts, these are my X codes, these are my templates, this is my preset. Here you go. And I want it to look consistent.” I want people to feel something when they land on my page. I want them to feel empowered, I want them to feel sophisticated. I want them to feel chic and sexy, and educated. These are branding words that represent my brand. And we’ll talk about this in the masterclass even further and dive into it a little more. But this is really the beginning of creating the aesthetic is putting together words that represent you.

Being consistent, thinking of that ideal client and visually packaging it up and can really set you apart and make a difference.

Some people hate creating aesthetic hate templates, and hate the whole piece. And that’s okay. When and if you can outsource this to either a graphic designer or a professional, I highly recommend you do, especially if this is just not something that you enjoy. But if this is something that you’re not really sure of, definitely come to the masterclass. Cause I’m gonna walk you through a little bit more in detail on how I start to develop my branding from a visual aesthetic point of view and how I work with many of my clients doing this.


Something that has helped my brand stand out and really helped my content become elevated is photo shoots. And I’m not talking about photo shoots every month. Photo shoots every three months. I’m talking about one photo shoot, maybe two every year. And when I have started when I started to do this in my business, not only did it help with the cohesiveness of my content, and the look and feel, but really it helped honestly with the content creation overall process because I actually had content to work with. There’s nothing more frustrating as content creators when we’re like, “Okay, great, I need to make a post, but I have no videos or photos.” So I have to create something out of thin air. And that can be frustrating, that can feel overwhelming, and then that can halt us in action.

So when we have photo shoots, number one, they’re an investment in your business; they’re a write-off. And number two, it helps to create content so much easier. So in the masterclass, I’m gonna talk way more about how I plan photo shoots and video shoots, but for now, I want you just to start to think about them. Maybe it’s a goal for the new year. And like I said, you don’t need to have photo shoots every single month or quarter. My last photo shoot was in January of this year, 2022, and I’m gonna be having another one in January 2023. And I have used the content over and over again all year long. I’m only now where I’m like, Eh, I’m kind of bored, I’ve elevated, I’ve changed, I look a little different.

So I have multiple outfits, and props, usually a booked studio, and an assistant taking B-roll. We need to be working smarter, not harder. So definitely, definitely for your creating content piece especially if you want to attract your ideal client, you need to have attractive content to work with. So photo shoots and video shoots and ensuring you have content to work with.

Video Content

My girls hang out over on the gram, so we know video is the king of content. So we wanna be showing up for the algorithm creating reels, and they don’t need to be reinventing the wheel. I think the best-performing reels are usually five to seven seconds. 

We’re gonna talk about all of our favourite apps in the masterclass this week. There are so many that I love using to make my content. And honestly, it makes the entire content-creating process so much more fun and easy. Some of my favourites just off the cuff, are InShot, CapCut, and Unfold. I talk about them a lot. Of course, Canva, if you are not using Canva for creating your graphics, or for making your videos, you just need to stop everything right now and go download that app because it is such a game changer.

Step Four

So how do we create content that sells well? Many different ways, but ultimately we want to be having conversations. And so the content is there as a place to attract. If we’re creating reels specifically, we have an opportunity to get in front of new people, and new audiences. The algorithm is pushing reels to people that aren’t following us right now. Amazing. But what happens when they land on our profile? What happens when they see our content? Do we have strong hooks that speak to their desires? Do we provide value in the copy? And do we have a strong call to action? 

Are we telling these incredible new people that are finding our content how to work with us, how to book a call with us, how to buy from us, and what to do?

These are things that ultimately define the pieces of content that do well and the pieces of content that don’t do well. And for me, a piece of content that does well is converting. I want to be generating income and impact my business, and I want my clients to do the same. 

So we need to be strategic in the copy, the words and sending them a call to action. Whether that sends me a DM with the words “level up” to learn more, whether that is clicking the link in my bio to book a discovery call, whether that is tagging somebody in the comments below that needs to hear this, right?

There are so many different calls to action. There are so many different asks, but ultimately, if we want our content to sell, we need to tell our incredible audience what to do and how to buy from us because people are inundated with content.

The Importance of Copy

So the first thing is really making sure our copy is strong and getting into active conversations. I spend so much time in my DM’s, in my comments, and I have somebody also on my team that helps me with this now because, y’all, it is a job.

Actually, it’s a customer service database. We’re so lucky that we have these platforms literally in the palms of our hands and that we have access to our customers and potential customers through our DM’s and followers. We’re a business, and we should treat social media like a business. So those are our customers, and we need to nurture them. We need to start conversations with them, not conversations about sales, not conversations about our latest offer or promotion, but honest conversations being a real human beings.

And only then, when they ask to learn more, when they are potentially a great fit, then we can start to nurture them into some conversion. And so that really, truly is where most of my selling on social media happens, in the DM’s. And I have an entire process for how I organize my DM’s and folders. We’ll dive into that in the masterclass a little further, where I can show you what this looks like. So definitely come, but for now, start treating your DM’s like your customer database.

Also, keep in mind that down the line, that conversation and relationship will turn into some sort of conversion, whether that’s getting them on your email list or booking a call or buying something that you have to offer. So definitely make sure that the conversations and the calls to action with your content are sales driven. That is the only way, my loves, that you’re going to be able to convert on social media with your content and spend time actively nurturing and growing your accounts.

I also like to spend time going and looking at my competitor’s accounts, going and seeing who’s liking their comments, who’s commenting on their posts, who are asking questions, and what they look like. And I’ll even go and start building relationships with those individuals because my competitors also have my ideal clients, so I want to find them through them. And so that’s another way you can start to grow a little bit.

Channel Building

I call it channel building, where we’re actively working on building up your channel and social media profile. It’s talking to our ideal client. It’s solving a problem, and it’s providing value. It’s sexy, and it’s chic, it’s attractive with colours and fonts and all of the things we talked about. And then it’s our job to tell our audience through calls to action and hooks, like, “Hey, do you wanna know how to make sales on social media? If so, keep reading. Here’s the juicy information: step one, step two, step three. If you want even more help with this, send me a DM with the words level up to learn more about my four week one-on-one intensive,” right?

That’s a formula if you follow me on social media that I always do. Why? Because it works, because I’ve been able to convert, I’m spelling it out for my audience. And it really is super powerful when you place emphasis and are a little bit strategic when it comes to how you’re presenting your content. So that is creating content that sells, channel building, prospecting future and current clients, and it’s getting in active conversations and selling through social media.

Step Five

Okay, step number five is focused on mindset. And what I mean by this is getting our mindset in check when it comes to creating content. Because I always say our minds can make or break us.

Showing up on social media, creating content and posting, especially in the beginning, is overwhelming. It can be very vulnerable. I know. Trust me; I get it. Filming yourself, being up in stories, putting offers out there and hearing crickets. I’ve been there. Trust me, girl, I can’t even tell you. That is the beautiful part about entrepreneurship: we try things, throw spaghetti, see what sticks, and if it doesn’t, it feels kind of weird. But guess what? We try again. And that is the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. 

But the mind can get in our way, and it can start to affect how we show up, especially if and in the beginning, and especially if we’re not getting the results we want. It’s so easy to throw our hands up, throw in the towel and be like, You know what? This isn’t for me. I don’t know what I’m doing. My content sucks. No one’s buying. I’m outta here. And that’s the easy way out. And I am here to say, Girl, don’t you dare throw in that towel because you’re a fighter. You got this, and you are going to try, try again. 

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve launched something, and it didn’t sell.

So I relaunched it, but it didn’t sell. And then I launched it the third time, and it sold out in two minutes. The first time I launched, it was over four weeks for one-on-one intensive. I launched it twice in two months, and nobody bought it. And that’s okay. And yeah, it stung. I won’t lie. But imagine if I didn’t launch it that third time where I sold out four spots in one day and made 20 grand in my business in five minutes.

And it was with people that I had been in conversation with the first couple of times. They had watched me consistently showing up with my content for over two months. They were seeing results that I was sharing, that I was not only getting myself but my clients. And then, when I launched it the third time, they were ready, the social proof was there, and they started to trust me. They started to get to know me and like me. Why? Because I was consistent because I worked through the mindset junk, and I did not give up. And I tried, and I tried, and I tried again. And I’m only saying this because, number one, I speak from experience number two, because I have this conversation daily with my clients. And because I know that showing up with content is vulnerable, putting together and putting our heart and souls into graphics and videos and posts and reels and copy is putting yourself out there to be judged.

And when it isn’t received right off the bat, it can feel depleting, af, and I get it, but we just got to keep going. Trust your gut over your head, and keep on keeping on. And know that not everyone is gonna love you. It’s all good. Not everyone is gonna buy from you again. All good. Not everyone is going to be receptive to you, and they may reject you, but guess what? Has nothing to do with you ever. And your ideal client, the person needing your product and your service, is just waiting around the corner. It’s your job to show up for them and to keep showing up for them over and over and over again.

Okay, My Loves!

I hope that these five steps got you thinking, got your creative juices flowing, got you pumped, and I hope you wanna go and film all the things and start creating all the content and get all of the things looking sexy and fly.

And definitely, you guys, make sure that you sign up for the masterclass this Thursday, November 17th, at 11:00 AM Pacific Standard. The registration is in my show notes. It’s me and my sister-in-law, Jillian Walch. We have created multiple six-figure online businesses using social media and creating content with no paid advertising that attracts our dreamy clients and converts so effortlessly and in a way that we’re proud of. And so we want to dive into all of these steps that I talked about even further.

So definitely check that out. If not, I hope that you found value in this, and I hope that some of these steps are landing with you and stuck with you, and you’re gonna be able to go and take all the action and start creating that sexy, juicy, spicy content that I know is inside you. Okay, my love. Until next week, I hope you enjoyed this. I love hearing from you. Make sure to screenshot this episode, tag me, and share it on social if you find it valuable. I love love, love hearing from you.

Until next week. Love ya, queen! Xo

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