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This week I would like to talk about a few mindset shifts that will take you and your business to the next level. 

Change and growth are a product of mental shifts that start with you and your perspective. Change is a complicated process for most of us – we don’t like a distraction from the ordinary. And as with anything challenging, our minds are programmed to protect against it, which may ultimately stagnate our lives. We are not here, living and running businesses, to stay in the same place, so when it comes to your journey, I’ve gathered a few mindset shifts that can help to lubricate the cogs of change to get you to the next level. 

If you’re ready to learn how to shift your mind to recognize the need for change to grow your business, tune into the Next Level Social Podcast. 

Claim What You Want

Taking a minute. Evening if you’re in your car or working out, I want you to take a moment to think about your life, business, and decisions. I want you to decide precisely what you want from your business and claim it. If this looks like whispering under your breath or taking a notepad and writing it down, I want you to think hard and decide what it is you want and own it.

For instance, if something comes to your mind right away, that’s your gut and your mind telling you what you want – you already know. Instead of hemming and hawing and holding limiting beliefs that prevent you from taking action, we will throw roadblocks out the window and decide what you want now. 

My Story

For example, I decided to change my life in a split second after years of discontentment. I worked inside a bunch of businesses and hit a massive burnout. It took one person and one wrong moment for me to look in the mirror and decide, “no freaking more was I going live this way, play small, be in the shadows of clients, building their businesses and turning them into millionaires, while I’m getting crumpets and burning out.” I was done. And it was in that profound second that I chose to change my life. 

This will look different for everyone and doesn’t necessarily have to be 100% business related. Maybe this is a fitness goal, or maybe you’ve been unhappy with your wellness journey or a relationship. And you’ve reached a point where enough is enough.

Whatever it is in your life that you want to change, the second that you claim it and mean it and feel it is where things can start to shift. And before you know it, you’re not only making those decisions, you’re taking action to make those changes and executing on deliverables that will make that choice happen. 

My ask of you is to decide. Decide what you want out of your life and business and claim it. And freaking mean it. 

Letting Go

The next shift is that when we decide to level up and make big moves, we often have to let things go. This can be in the form of so many different things, but there’s usually something that has gotten to a point in your life where you are being held back by something. 

This will look different for everything, and as your eyes flicker across these words, you might even know what that is. It could be anything from limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome, or comparison – thinking everyone in their sphere is bigger, better, and more worthy. These limiting beliefs need to be let go of so you can move forward and level up in whatever it is you want to do. 

These can also be jobs, clients, and relationships. This was big for me, I had so many clients, some of which I had worked with for over a decade, which served their purpose, but I was holding on to them out of fear. I thought that I needed the income they were provided; I needed the relationship because I was integrated within their network, and what would that look like? All of these fears come with the things we do for so long because, innately, change is uncomfortable. 

A Routine Is A Route That Leads To The Same Destination

If we could do the same thing day in and day out, that feels normal and like a routine, and we’re structured on routine. However, letting go of these routines, jobs, and relationships will allow space and room for bigger, bolder new levels to come into our lives. Routine is a route to the same destination, and not all places serve us throughout our journey. 

For example, if there’s something inside of you saying, “this relationship I’ve had since high school is no longer making me feel good, lighting me up, and is draining me of energy I could be putting towards my family, other friendships, or job,” maybe its time to set boundaries or let it go. I’m telling you firsthand that when we make space for new things by letting go of things holding us back, you’ll feel the world open up and have the bandwidth to make more significant moves. 

This can also apply to belongings and physical space. This was me. I lived in a place for way too long, and I thought it had all this meaning because it was a big city with all these opportunities, but it was hindering my growth, and my ego was getting in the way. I was stuck in a routine and mindset that kept me from my goals of being a homeowner, businesswoman, and motherhood. I had to make a change and start walking a new route before I could achieve my desires.

So think about what’s holding you from the next phase of your life. It could be so many different things, but if there is something that you feel is keeping you from change, I’m here to say it might be time to let it go.

Collaboration Over Competition

Recognizing that there is room for us all has led to my success and many others in my sphere. When we look at our niche neighbours, people in our space who are similar to us, as collaborators over competitors, your mindset around abundance can surface. 

I am super big on locking arms with those in our sphere, celebrating their wins and cheering them on, and knowing that support will come back and there is room for me. Someone will always be one step ahead of you and probably doing better. I have two incredible women in my sphere right now, who I was showing my sister-in-law, and I’m like, “OMG, you need to look at these two accounts.” These two women are crushing it in online coaching, and their branding is unbelievable. 

I respect them, look up to them, and look to them for inspiration. For a minute, I’ll be honest, I was like, OMG, these girls are better than me. And for one mini second, my ego started creeping in, and I started to question if I was good enough and whether I should be doing the things I’d been doing. And then instantly, it’s like, “hell no. These girls are crushing it, and it’s fantastic. This is what you believe to your core, and maybe you send them a DM and say, ‘Hey, I’m obsessed with you and your branding if there’s ever an opportunity for us to make a collaboration reel, partner on one of your products, or an ambassador exchange lets do that.'”

Because when women join forces and ignite with each other, I know the world becomes stronger.

There’s room for us all and collaboration over competition, always. 

Okay, My Loves!

I hope you gained some insight into mindset shifts for growing yourself and business! I only touched on a few of my tips and tricks, so for more information, listen to The Next Level Social Podcast!

Until next week. Love ya, queen! Xo

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