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Recently, I’ve been having conversations around scaling and growing. I looked at my October numbers, and we are only halfway through the month, and I’m just about at $20K – my goal is to double this. Thinking back just a year ago…my business and life looked so different. 

If you’re ready to discover how I went from $5k burnout to $35k months in less than a year, keep listening to the Next Level Social Podcast!


A year ago, I was burnt out working 12+ hours a day and had no structure. I was pulled in several directions working full-time for two companies and balancing multiple clients. I was constantly asked for more deliverables, subject to the low periods of everyone I worked for. 

Today, I work three days a week, 20 hours tops. I consistently bring 20-35K/month of profit into my business and work with the most amazing clients. 

And life feels flowy.

How Did I Do It?

So I want to dive into HOW I changed my life and entered a space of prosperity and balance. I want to share my story so you can start to take some of the steps I did and now teach and apply them to your brands and businesses.

Free Content

The first thing I did was create free and valuable content. I did this for almost a year before launching my first offer.

I know a time commitment like a year seems daunting, but that was how long it took for me to develop authority in my space and attract my dreamy ideal audience. You might already command knowledge in your niche and speak to a warmed audience, but if you do not, it’s like real life, and it takes time to build relationships.

It takes time to build relationships.


Next, I noted who my dreamy, fantastic, flowy client was. I talk about this all the time but knowing who you’re talking to makes selling to them more manageable. So once I understood who I was making content for, it allowed me to consistently show up and post on my social platforms with ease and fluidity! 

I know posting on social media can seem like throwing your voice into a void, with no reaction but the yawn of endless eternity. That is why consistently posting while utilizing the same voice and targeting the same person yields results. Eventually, the beast of social media starts to recognize who you’re talking to and gradually leads them your way. But it takes consistency!

How To Stay Consistent?

The best way to stay consistent is to utilize social media tools! Saying the same thing in a million different ways in a thousand formats keeps you and your audience engaged.

  • Reels: great for reaching new audiences
  • Stories: where most of my sales come from
  • Lives: a place to collaborate and tell longer narratives
  • Other podcasts: a space to connect, tell your whole story and message
  • Masterclasses/webinars: A way to teach and give value

Letting Go…

One of the hardest things I had to do was let go of clients and relationships that no longer served me. I won’t lie; this was one of the more challenging things I did when transforming myself and my business.

Some clients I said goodbye to drained my time and energy, so those were easy to let go of, while others I had worked with for several years and had become part of my  work identity. Finally, letting every client go that hindered my business’s progress gave me the push to go all in and never look back. There was no scarier and no better decision I could have made.

Business Steps

There were several ways I launched my business after providing consistent free value to my audience. 

First, I created: 

  • A three-tiered offer suite
  • Launched a group coaching program
  • Hosted a free live webinar

How I Scaled

After launching my webinar and creating tiered offer suites, I slowly increased my prices. I felt comfortable raising the value of my offers once I received repeat customers and gathered testimonials from my clients. 

Similarly, I started to work in alignment with my human design and intuition. This may sound woo-woo to some of you, but nothing flows better when I work as a manifesting generator, creating and launching new offers when I feel called. 

When I started to listen to my intuition and approached my launches from a place of abundance, not only was the demand there, but the response was more than I could have expected.


Now my focus is all on automation + scaling further. I intend to automate my business in several ways, such as: 

  • A membership program
  • A couple of free mini-series
  • Using organic and paid advertising 
  • Selling my digital and group coaching offers on auto-pilot
  • And drastically increasing my 1:1 offers in 2023 and only working with a select few at a time

Okay, My Loves!

It is as simple as that! But if you want more guidance and help in growing and scaling your online business using social media, I’m your girl. Send me the words LEVEL UP to chat more about my current offers and how they can help you crush the rest of this year!

Until next week. Love ya, queen! Xo

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