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I am LIT up about today’s new podcast – alllll the puns intended. I’m sure you can tell by the title of today’s episode that things will get spicy and hot!

I will share the six steps I took this year to ignite my business to reach new levels. I’m talking revenue, growth, offers, launches and everything in between.

If you’re ready to learn how to take your business to the next level, tune into The Next Level Social Podcast!


Before we dive into all the spicy details, I’d like to introduce my newest offer because today is the last day to join!

In case you missed it, I launched a new six-week mastermind called IGNITE, which is freaking spicy.

Ignite mastermind is something I am genuinely excited about because it’s the offer I wish I would have had 12 months ago when I decided to go all in on my business.

I will give away the pathway I have followed to 4x my revenue this year! It’s me sharing all the spicy details on how I:

  • Launched my rebrand
  • Levelled up my content strategy
  • Created an offer suite that generates recurring revenue
  • And so much more

I’m giving it ALL away in 6 different trainings AND including six hot seat group calls. These calls will be your opportunity to get 1:1 coaching from me, have me look inside your business and strategize how to set the spark to ignite your business.

You can pick my brain about the trainings or anything you need help with regarding your business and strategy moving forward.

It is going to be FIRE. The mastermind starts Sept 21st – so check out the link HERE or at the bottom to save your spot!

Step One: Evolving

I wanted to give a high-level overview of IGNITE and the six different steps that can heat up your business.

To show up online and create the businesses of our dreams, we need to decide what we want.

For me, I was hiding for a long time. I was afraid to go all in because I didn’t think I was good, competent, or qualified enough. I was working on the inside of so many other brands, turning them into millionaires while holding the belief that I was never good enough to do the same.

It took me building all these brands into seven-figure businesses, running myself thin, and hitting a massive burnout before I was willing to restructure my entire business and life. After looking at the downward spiral of my life for so long, I shifted my perspective and grasped the possibility of a version of myself I always knew I wanted to be.

So I started to climb.

I hired my first mentor, invested $21K, let go of all my management clients and never looked back. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done, and I questioned every foothold along the way. But I decided I had one life and would not live it in the shadows. It was time to let go of my past and reach for a brighter future.

That’s what Ignite will help you do. It will walk you through every step I took to free myself and show up as the version of me I always knew I was capable of being.

It Starts In The Mind

Like every action, levelling up begins in the mind. I had to do sooo much mental work before allowing myself to dream or take action.

First, I had to let go of limiting beliefs and KNOW it was my time. I know many of you can relate because, as human beings, we hold on to limiting beliefs like they are Chanel bags. It’s normal to question and doubt, but it’s also normal to know when ideas no longer serve you and prevent growth. So I restructured everything, and I got clear on my vision of my What and Who.

I asked myself, “What was my vision? Who did I want to serve? What did that look like? What did my ideal client look like?”

Once I was crystal clear on my niche and transformation, I created my offer suite using my signature process and started promoting. Of course, a lot more goes into this, but for now, I want to introduce the broad strokes and get you thinking about applying these steps to your business.

I will walk you through every single piece in greater detail in IGNITE, but these are things that each of us can have and should be thinking about.

And the mind was the most significant component – letting go of the things, people, clients, and even a house that was no longer serving me. Only then was I able to evolve into the person and boss I knew I was meant to be.

Nothing has been scarier, but nothing has been more rewarding.

Step-Two: Income + Offers

This step has been the ultimate game changer in igniting my business and many of my clients.

So you’ve decided it is your time to level up. Now, you need to be clear on a desired monthly income and have actual offers to allow this revenue to flow. 

If you want to make $10K/month, incredible – but do you have offers that allow this?

Whether it’s a $5K 1:1 offer, a $2K group program, and a $350 self-study course – fantastic, that would mean you either need:

  • 2x 1:1 offers a month
  • 5x new group member students
  • 28-course sales

Or a combo of all three – the point is, to bring in the revenue you desire, you need to have offers available to sell.

I always recommend having three different offers:

  • High – 1:1, in-person events, 
  • Mid – Group program, mastermind, membership, workshops
  • Low – Digital products, Courses, Merchandise, Products

The difference between each tier is how much content you’ll be giving and how much of your time. High ticket offers consume your in-person time with events or calls, while low tickets only have an up-front time investment. 

In Ignite, I will walk you through my exact process of putting together your signature offer and a custom-made offer suite. This includes different container ideas and offer-bumps so you can start to maximize the revenue in your business and start to launch and sell with ease. 

Step Three: Goals + Numbers

This step has been a freaking game changer. When we have the numbers and the goals in place, we can start obtaining them!

When I worked for big-big brands, we would have weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings to plan and set goals for content, launches, product drops, partnerships, events, revenue targets, and so much more.

These meetings really did keep us on track and kept the biz moving forward from all sides. I now use this method with myself and with ALL of my clients.


Something I used to avoid was my numbers – I’m embarrassed to admit it, but numbers would stress me out. But after some money mindset work, I see money as neutral – it’s not good or bad, but knowing what’s happening in your business is essential. Period.

I encourage you to look at your numbers daily, weekly and monthly. And each month, set an income minimum. For me, I set a goal and then, based on my offers, I work backwards on how I will hit that. I incorporate my marketing and content plan accordingly to ensure I have a plan to reach my goals each week.

For example, I look at my offer suite and compare its cost to my revenue goals. From there, I make a plan as to which offer I will promote each week. I target how many women I want to impact and bring into those offers, and with those results, I know what to push week-to-week.

Knowing your offer suite and revenue goals and working backwards to achieve those goals is so crucial to keeping your business flexible, responsive, and profitable.

We will dive into setting your monthly targets and goals and put together a content plan so you can start hitting them and beyond in IGNITE.

Step Four: Branding + Imagery

This is my favourite step if I’m being honest. If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that branding is my jam. I’ve spent over a decade creating the imagery, aesthetic, social media and content for some of the biggest brands. I love art, design, aesthetics, photos, and videos – it’s who I am.

So what happened when I started my business, I took a drastic shift in my branding. I did a FULL rebrand and decided to change my aesthetic in a super specific and attractive way with ONE person in mind.

And this is branding 101 – who do you want to attract? How do you want them to feel?

When we think of the biggest and best brands in the world, who do we think of? Apple, Coke, Nike, MAC – all these brands are recognized because they all invoke an emotion. You know what their products look like and are confident in their transformation. That is how we want to start thinking about our brands and business. Ask yourself, “how do I want my customers to feel when they see my content?”

This all comes down to branding and being recognized by your visuals – your images, colours, fonts, videos, and website. And assess if your intended audience wants to feel this way. Does your dreamy client want to feel warm, welcomed, chic, ethereal, or powerful?

How and why your branding works depends entirely on who you’re trying to attract.

Your branding can also evolve while allowing you to stand apart from your competitors. So pay attention to it.

Ask Yourself:

Think about it and ask yourself some questions. If your brand is You, amazing – what makes you different? How can you be recognizable? What feeling and message do you want to portray to your audience?

For me, I wanted to pivot – I was over being called “cute,” and I wanted to attract high-level female entrepreneurs. So I did a photo shoot as a BOSS – bold colours, outfits, and sharp locations with a dreamy photographer and videographer.

I also redid my website and launched my podcast – everything was fresh, strong, sexy, and chic – this was me, BUT it was also who I wanted to attract.

It was a huge game changer in igniting EVERYTHING for my business because it portrayed a feeling and a message that I wasn’t here to play around – I was taking my business seriously. I was ready to help others do the same.

I will walk you through my exact process for creating a brand – from your colours to photoshoots, to imagery, templates, aesthetics, website and more in IGNITE.

Step Five: Tools + Systems

I talk about processes and systems ALL the time because they’re essential.

Systems are how we start to grow and, more importantly, start to scale – which is what we all desire. So finding ways to automate your business is huge.

I want you always thinking – how can I automate this, OR how can I have a process around this task that I can eventually delegate to a team member? Whether that is how you write your emails or put together a contract or how someone can buy from you.

You need to be able to take yourself out of your business, and your business can still run – otherwise, you don’t have a real business.


I will share ALL my best tools and systems for automation and recurring revenue in IGNITE, but my biggest ask to start would be to ensure your IG bio is optimized for SEO. 

And make sure your link in your bio is set up for success AND SALES – someone should be able to land on your profile today and be able to go to your link and your highlights and know:

  • Who you are
  • Who you serve
  • How do you help them
  • Your different offers
  • And be able to buy from you or sign up to work with you ALL on autopilot

Payment links, automatic payments, email funnels, drip campaigns, evergreen training – we will dive into all of this during ignite, but all things to start to think about now and work towards implementing.

Step Six: New Ways to Show Up + Sell on Social

The final step to igniting your business to new levels is discovering new ways to show up online and start selling.

There’s no way to sugar coat it – if you want to grow an online business organically using social media, you need to show up. You need to create value and relationships, and you need to sell.

Period. Dot.

So tap into testing things. My audience resonates with me on stories – so this is where I spend a lot of time selling. I try ways to sell – whether using a simple graphic or showing my face and talking about my offers – on a daily basis.

Find what works for you, and keep going. Use all social media features – stories, polls, stickers, engagement emojis. Call to action’s on everything – people need to be reminded what to do and what you want from them – click here, send me a dm, tap this to learn more, and drop the words SOCIAL to chat.

People also need to see and hear things over 11 times before taking action – so remember that.

Write your copy and talk on your stories like your ideal client is just about to buy from you – a game changer. I’ll be diving wayyyy more into all my social selling tips in IGNITE, but I hope these started to get your creative juices flowing!

Okay, My Loves!

Okay, queens – there you have it – the six steps to take to IGNITE your business to new temperatures this year!

I hope you found these helpful, and if you did and want even more – we will be diving into each of these steps 10x more starting tomorrow in my 6-week mastermind.

Each week I will drop a training module, and then the following day, we get a live group coaching call where we get to chat 1:1 in a group setting about the training, your business and brand and anything else you desire

I’m lit up about it, and I hope o see you there.

Util next week, love ya queens!

If you found this episode valuable, I would love it if you could screenshot it and tag me on social!  It means the world!  xo


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