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I had some very exciting events happen this past week! Whenever something amazing happens at Ayla Inc. headquarters, I naturally want to share it with you so you can benefit from the tactical tips and tricks I used to achieve badass sales.

In this episode, I want to teach you what I did to generate 16K in 2 days. Un-freaking real! I’m still in a little bit of shock and am super grateful.

Check out the Next Level Social podcast to learn how I made 16k in 2 days!

Money Talks

I think it’s important to be transparent with results as a coach, but I also know money can be triggering. I’d like to give a heads-up that I will be going over some amazing outcomes.

I know firsthand that I hired my mentor last year because of the numbers she was talking about. So the importance of sharing results is outreach and an opportunity to share tips and tricks. Similarly, talking about results demonstrates that this kind of revenue can happen.

Also, I want to show what’s behind the curtain of my business because I know that if I could show you how I did it, you can do it too!

Twenty thousand dollars has been my monthly minimum goal since January. And if you had told me that would be my reality a year ago, I would not have believed it. So to have hit that goal in two days, without including any of my reoccurring revenue streams, is an event to explore and share so others can hit similar milestones!

How I generated 16k in 2 days:


First and foremost is a mindset. I work on mindset every day through personal development, listening to podcasts, and being part of mentorship and group programs. Specifically for me, my mindset shifts around selling. To be clear: I sell every single day. Period. End of story.

Selling can take the form of:

  • Sending a sales email
  • Following up with warm leads
  • Straight up promoting content in stories/reels

In one way, shape, or form, I am showing up in my content every single day.

Instead of thinking that sales are pushy or sleazy, I have shifted my mindset to have fun with it. I find creativity in my content by showing up boldly and proudly, especially in my Instagram stories.

“Instagram is where my dreamy ideal client lives, and this is where I can authentically create conversations and offer my sales in a way that feels fun.”


One thing I’ve been doing a lot is imagining for everything I’m creating or doing, one or two women who are just about to pull the trigger to work with me. When I create content, I envision someone I’ve been in conversation with, someone who has asked me questions and is just about to move to work with me. This is the woman I am showing up for every single day.

Tuning Into Myself

Tuning into yourself isn’t an overnight tip – it’s something I’ve been working on for about a year. I used to think creating launches needed to be big, bold, over complicated. I have worked with many entrepreneurs who run their businesses with massive launches twice a year, and a lot goes into it. These brands utilize Facebook ads, promotion, emails, webinars, lives, and affiliates, and so much is invested into each launch. This can go very well, and I have seen an investment of 30k retrieve 300k+ returns. It’s amazing. Some really badass entrepreneurs have paved the way for this type of launch style, like Marie Forleo and James Wedmore, and I’m sure many of you have seen B-School and how large it can get.

Big launches might be your style if you are a very organized, systemized, structured entrepreneur. But ask yourself:

  • How does this make you feel?
  • Does a large launch excite you and encourage you to show up in a bold way?
  • Do you want to be locked into two or three launches a year with all your resources poured into a single event?

Or, like me, does that stress the F out of you!?

Human Design

I also am a manifesting generator – that is my human design. If you do nothing else, you should look up your human design today. It describes your personality qualities based on astrological events when you were born. It is helpful for anyone, specifically an entrepreneur, because it tells you how you rock your style in life and business.

One thing about a manifesting generator is we can go from one thing to the next very quickly. We like to keep things spicy and fresh and put something out there when it feels right. This is why creating offers randomly feels good for me. It also means I can generate money anytime, and this state is when I am most content. I know that I am happiest when creating something new, making money, and of course, when I am making an impact. This is how I am made.

I no longer feel bad about my style of entrepreneurship. I used to think something was wrong with me when I found myself bored, lacking a sense of contentment, and unable to create just one course and call it a day. Then I realized, feeling bad wasn’t serving me and instead started listening to myself, which changed the game. This is also why having reoccurring automated revenue is the ultimate vibe. I value the time with my family above all else, so I thrive when I can spend time with them while also making money. This is how I have structured my business and my life.

Check out episodes 23 and 25 to know how I set up reoccurring revenue and automation in my business.

Listen to your audience

The next thing I do besides listening to myself is to listen to my audience. I listen to what my audience wants from me and their questions. When they ask me specific questions, I screenshot them, file them into a FAQ folder, and go through these questions for trends and patterns.

What I heard over and over again was my audience wanted something fast for the Fall, results-oriented, and one-on-one. My one-on-one time is my most valued time. I don’t take working with clients on an individual basis lightly – it is why I limit spots to ensure the highest quality for each person.

Repurpose and Reuse

I was looking at my current clients and noticed most of them were wrapping up at the end of August. I had some space in my current schedule, so I thought, why not give my audience what they want while I can accommodate their ask?

So I grabbed my journal, started writing down some ideas, and remembered I had a program already launched called “Let’s Get Social.” It was a four-week intensive that focused on social media and branding. This has been my niche for the past ten years; however, as I’ve grown and the women in my sphere have reached new levels, I decided to take this offer and revamp it.

I took the bones of my previous course and modified it to focus on my clients current needs. My main objective was to instruct on how to crush the last quarter of the year. I decided to make it a four-week one-on-one intensive, with four openings, for 4k to make the last four months of the year the best yet.

I, of course, went over marketing and branding but dove deeper into client offers, scaling, revenue, and impact. Boom. It felt so good! The course was aligned with where I was and where my audience wanted to go, and honestly so much fun. I also loved the four-four-four structure of the offer – I’m big on Angle numbers. Everything about the offer felt good.

Self Edit

Before moving on with the course, I sat with what I created for 24 hours. I was offering four one-on-one spots, which takes up much of my time while balancing my mastermind, coaching calls, and launching a new self-study course in September. I looked at my calendar again, and everything aligned perfectly – I could totally do this and be comfortable in my ongoing projects. That was when I really leaned into myself and my audience for a combined initiative of what I could offer while respecting my time and energy.

So often, we make a new product or launch from a scarcity mindset. We have monthly or quarterly goals to hit, so we create something unique to meet them without first checking in with ourselves. By tuning in with ourselves and our audience, magic can happen.

The Actual Launch

I approached my new offer with a flowy mindset and took the pressure off. I know this is not always doable, but I was okay with these spots not filling. If the spots filled, freaking amazing! If they didn’t, it was all good! I would launch something else that will be even better, or somebody else will come to me in a different way.

When we can’t start leaning into this mindset, I swear this is when we begin to ATTRACT what we desire.

I also knew that August was historically slow. I worked in restaurants, e-commerce, and online spaces, and the end of August is usually sluggish. As such, I knew launching something this time wouldn’t likely serve me immediately. I had the plan that I would deliver it in August to have it start in September when the back-to-school rush was over, vacations were wrapped up, and business got back to normal.

The Exact Process

  1. I created two IG stories
  2. Repurposed a video that I shot in January with a professional videographer (not necessary, I was using the best of what I had)
  3. Added some copy to that video using Inshot summarizing the offer 
  4. And I used the new sticker option in IG. 

If you go to your stories, the sticker looks like an emoji, allowing people to tap it and interact with you. What I said on the sticker was, “Tap here to learn more about the offer.”

I highly recommend using this sticker because it’s easy to click and enticing to audiences, and allows us to follow up! It’s a really great way to start sales conversations without feeling salezie.

So I did that, closed my phone, and said a little mantra (as I always do when I put an offer out) similar to,“I put something out there, I did my job, and if the right person is out there they will come.”

I trusted, let it be, and gave it to God.

In one day

And then, in one day, I had three of the four spots filled – just like that. Honestly, I couldn’t believe it, but also I could. I knew the offer was sexy and could have been charging more, but I also went with my gut. It felt like it was the right time, flowy, and ended up attracting women that were perfect for the spots.

Creating a Sense of Urgency

Of course, during that time, I was creating a sense of urgency and momentum by screenshotting every time someone bought and bringing my audience along for the urgency, exclusivity, and FOMO. Creating a sense of urgency is essential for any launch, whether a lengthy launch, a random workshop, or a juice offer like mine. You want to let people know what is happening and encourage them to sign up if that’s something they want to do.

In day two

I also promoted it one more time, kept the urgency going, let people know there was one spot left, and one of my mastermind students bought the last spot. There is no higher compliment than someone you are currently working with accepting another offer. I have been working with this woman for four months already; she’s been part of my community and paying for my services, showing up to group calls consistently, and she wanted even more from me. Honestly, it was incredible. The feeling gave me full-body chills. There’s no bigger compliment to me. Her signing up showed that what I’m doing is making an impact, even if it is just an impact on her life.

It’s hard to explain how grateful I am; it means so much to me.

Full transparency

Does this happen every single time I launch something? HELL NO. Does this happen when I wholly lean into an offer that feels so freaking good, listen to what my audience wants, show up from abundance, and show up boldly and confidently with the right timing? ABSOLUTELY.

And as I get more confident with my offers, get better and more results, and work with outstanding entrepreneurs, my ability to attract and close becomes more seamless.

And it takes time, you guys. I would not be 100% authentic if I said this happens overnight, and you can do this in two days too. It takes time to build trust with your audience and requires a warm audience that knows you, likes you, and trusts you.

Why we stay consistent

One of the clients that signed up for this offer said she had been following me for TWO YEARS. She was watching my stories, following my journey, seeing the results I got for my clients, and witnessing me show up consistently every day. I had never talked to her before, but she was watching me. And that’s so cool!

People are watching you, too, your story, and your journey, that you have no idea about! They are seeing your life, seeing the results you’re getting for yourself and your clients, and watching your team members grow. And it is your job to keep showing up – even when it feels like nothing is working and everything is exhausting. But I am telling you that it’s going to work. Someone is watching, feeling inspired by exactly what you’re doing, and will want to work, buy, or join your team.

So listen to your audience and listen to yourself. Truly lean into what feels good and what you want to do. Don’t do things because Sally is doing XYZ, and it works well for her, take inspiration from people, but always do you and be you and lean into your genius zone.

And that’s how I generated 16k in 48h

And that is how I generated 16 thousand dollars in two days! I can’t believe it, and I also can because this is the level my business is at and the level my students are reaching. And this is just the beginning.

I hope this episode inspires you to get creative, listen, show up boldly and confidently, and put things out there, whether it’s a 27-dollar product or a 27,000-dollar product. Or whether it’s you showing up and telling your audience that you have a waitlist, an application, or a product that will change their life. Whatever it is, show up boldly and confidently and watch the magic happen.

You can click a waitlist if you want to grab a spot for my one-on-one intensive for October!

I’ll be looking at the waitlist in a few weeks. If this is something you feel called to and you want to work with me to take your social, your branding, your income, and your offers to the next level, I encourage you to click the waitlist, and I will follow up with you in the next few weeks.

Okay, My Loves!

Okay, my loves! I’ll be looking at the waitlist in a few weeks. If this is something you feel called to and you want to work with me to take your social, your branding, your income, and your offers to the next level, I encourage you to click the waitlist, and I will follow up with you in the next few weeks.

If you found this episode valuable, I would love it if you could screenshot it and tag me on social!  It means the world!  xo

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